You Are Damn Wrong


Opening Reception:
Thursday, April 10

6PM – 9PM, Sewall Courtyard
Rice University, Houston, TX

In a unique cross-cultural collaboration, Taikang Space,
Beijing and Matchbox Gallery, Houston present YOU ARE DAMN WRONG, an exhibition of works by emerging Chinese artists, as interpreted and executed by students from Rice University and University of Houston.

Featuring work by the artists Zhao Yao, Xin Yunpeng, Liu Chuang, Su Wenxiang, Hu Xiangqian, Yang Xinguang, and Liu Xinyi, this exhibition represents the Matchbox Gallery’s participation in the week-long contemporary Asian art festival, My Voice Would Reach You, organized by the Chao Center for Asian Studies at Rice University .

Celebrating the breadth of and vigor of Asian contemporary art, My Voice Would Reach You focuses on two themes: the question of freedom in the cultural, social and economic worlds of ‘Asia’ and the question of who creates avenues of freedom.

As a joint undertaking between young minds in both China and Houston, YOU ARE DAMN WRONG expands these themes by forging a bridge across nationalities. Recreated and reimagined by Rice University and University of Houston students, these newly mediated artworks explore what it means to translate, in both a literal and figurative sense, the political conditions of another culture.

Special thanks go to Chongbao Xu, Curator of the Taikang Space; Ningxin Cheng, Arch ’15, our participating students, and the Rice Gallery for their invaluable assistance in putting this international collaboration together. Other participants in the Chao Center’s My Voice Would Reach You include the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (MFAH), Asia Society, India House, Writers in the Schools (WITS), Houston Art New Generation (HANG) of the MFAH, Rice Public Arts and Rice Humanities Research Center.

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