– Chris Henry

Surrounded by Searching
Chris Henry
Opening: September 24th 2015

Using paint and custom built frames, Henry’s installation, Surrounded by Searching, monumentalizes a fleeting moment in our digital lives, the google image search. Before your cell phone loads your image results, these colored panels flash across your screen indicating what is to come. They are composed from a language of aspect ratio and hue that has become so familiar to the Internet’s users that it become a part of our thinking. Henry’s installation makes makes the digital into the physical and skews the scale, allowing his panels to approximate the content they are about to present.

“The moments between thoughts. Our subconscious caught between a deliberate action and its manifestation in the digital reality of a google search. Bold representation of the colorful emotion secretly hidden in our brains; color fields that we eventually translate into something we can understand as consciousness”

– Chris Henry


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