Eliza Doyle

Body Doubles
by Eliza Doyle
Reception: Thursday, March 31st  @  7:30pm

Body Doubles stems from an interest in using people as ready-mades, as raw material for sculpting scenarios and quasi- narratives. There is a constant rebalancing of power between artist and subject (between the subject’s desired self-representation and the artist’s desire to recontexualize/reframe it). The resulting characters do not represent the full complexity of a human being but rather something partial & distilled – misrepresentation is assumed from the start.

“…the presence of the ‘Other’ prevents me from being totally myself. The relation arises not from full totalities, but from the impossibility of their constitution. In other words, the presence of what is not me renders my identity precarious and vulnerable, and something questionable.”

–Claire Bishop

Eliza Doyle (b. 1993) lives in Rhode Island, where she is currently finishing up her studies at RISD in the department of Film/Animation/Video.

More information about the artist can be found at www.elizadoyle.com


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